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Welcome to the forefront of neurovascular innovation. At Scientia Vascular, we’re not just pushing boundaries; we’re redefining them. Our advanced approach to neurovascular treatment systems is key to unlocking new possibilities in healthcare. And with a track record of success and growth, we’re positioned to revolutionize the industry.

Guiding to better outcomes


Guidewires navigate the brain’s neurovasculature to access the diseased area in preparation for treatment.

Our patented microfabrication process results in guidewires that deliver therapy faster with greater precision and with deeper access in the brain.

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Scientia's microfabrication process produces catheters that sustain tube integrity as it passes over the guidewire on its way to deliver therapy.

As the physician advances the catheter to distal treatment areas, our catheters offer predictable movement and true one-to-one push.

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Design for a modern era

Access has historically relied on technology that lacked in innovation. What kept others from pushing forward propelled us to step up to the challenge and develop new technologies in access system designs that disrupt the way specialists can treat diseases of the brain.

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Microfeatures ease navigation

Our microfabrication process involves the removal of material from a solid nitinol hypotube to create microfeatures. These microfeatures include rings and interconnected beams that result in structural properties that can aid in predictable navigation through the vasculature. Such features provide benefits not experienced with conventional braid-and-coil-reinforced devices.

Superior flexibility with retained support

Varying combinations of microfeatures result in different degrees of flexibility and can be fine-tuned with thousands of variations. Compared to other available guidewires, the smooth transition from a supportive, proximal shaft to a flexible, atraumatic distal tip translates to support with flexibility where needed.

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Control at your fingertips

Navigating guidewires through tortuous anatomy with the utmost control truly comes down to torque. With our nitinol microfabricated hypotube, torque response is closer to one-to-one than that of competitors. The force input at the proximal end travels over the nitinol tube to the distal end—a design intended to provide more control, efficiency, and authority for physicians accessing deeper areas of the brain for more complex cases.

The next generation of microfabrication

When microfabrication disrupted the neurovascular technologies space, Scientia took action to break through even further, proving that the capabilities of microfabrication hadn’t been actualized. Varying areas of the vasculature call for different strength or flexibility profiles in a neurovascular access system. Our patented cut patterns along the wire body are specifically constructed for support and flexibility, based on the anatomy.

Torque transmission aids in navigation

Scientia’s patented microfabrication technology is designed to smoothly navigate the vasculature for predictable access of tortuous anatomy. This is achieved through equal torque transmission along the wire shaft. More torque results in more control, getting the wire to its intended location with more speed and accuracy.


  • The core wire is the main provider of torque. The more distal the access destination, the less torque a conventional core wire can deliver.


  • With microfabrication, the nitinol tube is the main provider of torque. This results in nearly uniform torque transmission from proximal to distal end of the wire, providing increased control from end to end.
  • Patented cut patterns along the entire wire body are designed for support and flexibility based on the anatomy.
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