Our Proprietary Technology + Processes

What makes Scientia different? Our focus is to develop innovative solutions that are not constrained by conventional thinking, materials, processes or technologies. By overcoming the limitations of current access devices and therapies, our next-generation solutions allow interventional specialists to expand what’s possible.

Our patented technologies and proprietary designs allow conflicting physical properties to work in balance, resulting in unmatched access with precise control.

Our team has also developed proprietary processes with the goal of automating manufacturing and providing greater consistency, resulting in products that perform without compromise.


Scientia Vascular has invented proprietary technology and maintains intellectual property (patents) in the areas of micromachining and microfabrication. Micromachining allows for material to be removed via a programmable, computer-controlled machining center to create a unique structure (much like a spine) composed of interconnected beams and rings that can transmit torque and offer unique flexibility properties. These physical properties are typically in conflict with conventional guidewire and catheter designs and has contributed to the lack of innovation in product development.


Clinical Applications

Our intent is to broadly leverage our intellectual property and proprietary processes to develop a pipeline of vascular access products and therapeutic devices that address the evolving needs of interventional specialists. Scientia currently has multiple cleared access products that help to reinforce the infinitely configurable and customizable advantages of our microfabrication technology.