Scientia (si-n-t-ah) is Latin for “knowledge”

and is the foundation for our study of the challenges of vascular access and our motivation to pursue new solutions. 

By adopting a first-principles approach, we collaborate with physician thought-leaders to develop innovative medical devices and therapies that are unconstrained by conventional design and optimized to address the evolving needs of interventional specialists.

Collectively, our staff brings an extensive background and knowledge of medical devices, biopolymers, metals, coatings, microfabrication, manufacturing automation, and mechanical and electrical engineering to focus on new product development. Our management team is comprised of professionals from leading companies in the endovascular field who have played important roles leading to successful mergers and acquisitions, including Precision Vascular Systems by Boston Scientific. 

Scientia Vascular possesses and develops its own technologies, many of which are patented and form the basis for our proprietary product designs. At our headquarters near Salt Lake City, Utah, we design and manufacture all of our products under QMS, ISO and FDA standards and guidelines.